Scooter Seat Covers

Gotta get a CoolAss. CoolAss for scooters? You bet your ass! Nearly two-thirds of all CoolAss orders are for scooters. Here’s why. There are many more scooters in the world than motorcycles. They are ridden more often to more destinations than any other vehicle. That means they’re parked in all kinds of weather. In more places, too. And you’re going to leave that seat unprotected? No way! And don’t even THINK of leaving a luxurious fine leather saddle out in the sun and rain! Gotta get a CoolAss!

Fits YOUR Ride

So – which size to buy? Genuine CoolAss now comes in three sizes to fit just about any scooter. It’s unconditionally guaranteed. Ships the day you order it. And comes with its own storage pouch and a free CoolAss koozie! If you're still unsure about fit, check our handy measuring for fit guide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter what, we gotcha covered. If you’re unhappy for any reason – fit or otherwise, we’ll make it right or refund. Period. No questions. That’s what you expect from fellow riders, right? And that’s a CoolAss deal! We accept all major credit cards. So go ahead. Scroll down to your size and get your own Genuine CoolAss! And while you're at it, buy one for a friend!

Dual Saddle - Medium (DS-M)

This is the CoolAss size for most smaller 50cc scooters with dual rider saddles. Buy DS-M for all Genuine scooters and even the new G400C. DS-M is also best for Vespa LX 150, Yamaha Zuma 125, and Kymco Spade 150 and K-Pipe. DS-M is also perfect for many smaller, older Vespas, the Aprillia Scarabeo 50, Honda Ruckus, Vespa PX 150, Kymco People 50, Lambretta Uno 50, and smaller Yamaha scooters like Vino 50 and C3.

CoolAss DS-M on a

CoolAss DS-M on a
Piaggio Typhoon

CoolAss DS-M on a

CoolAss DS-M on a
Vespa LX 150

The CoolAss DS-M measures about 18 x 28”, when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 46”. Average depth is roughly 4”. If the distance around your seat is between 50 and 88”, the DS-M is your CoolAss! Be sure to consider the height of your saddle. Especially at its thickest part. Many of today’s scooter seats dip down drastically in front and, as a result, require a larger size than DS-M.

Dual Saddle - Large (DS-L)

This CoolAss is for most scooters with standard-sized two-rider seats. The extra few inches with DS-L are there to accommodate the deep front plunge found on so many scooter models today. CoolAss DS-L is for scooters like Vespa Liberty 150, Primavera 150 i.e. and Sprint 150, Kymco Like 150, 200 and SuperX, Lance, Agility 50 and 125, Vespa Fly 50, ET4 150, LX 150 and GTS 300. Also buy DS-L for Sym Fiddle III and older Piaggio models (not including MP3 or BV 350).

CoolAss DS-L on a
Vespa Fly 50

CoolAss DS-L on a
Vespa Sprint 150

CoolAss DS-L on a
Sym Fiddle III

CoolAss DS-L on a
Kymco Super X 150

The CoolAss DS-L measures about 22 x 31”, when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 56”. Average depth is roughly 5”. If the distance around your seat is between 60 and 102”, the DS-L is your CoolAss! Note that many scooter seats today dip down drastically in front. This needs to be covered and protected, too! Don’t worry about any cover being a little blousy. It’s better that way especially when scooter seats may be raised, CoolAss applied and then seat latched back into place!

Dual Saddle - Extra Large (DS-XL)

This is, by far, our most popular CoolAss for scooters. Why? Well for one thing, many prefer the comfort of the new maxi- and touring scooters. They have loads of power and style while still being easy on fuel. DS-XL is your CoolAss for all these BIG saddles, including Piaggio MP3 and BV 350, Suzuki Burgman, Kymco xciting, Yamaha Majesty, Honda Forza and Silver Wing and Vespa GTS Super. DS-XL is also your best choice for Vespa GTV models with those beautiful leather seats mounted on the seat platform. So if your seat resembles any of those pictured below, DS-XL has gotcha covered!

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Kymco xciting 400

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Vespa GTS Super

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Honda Forza

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Piaggio MP3

The CoolAss DS-XL measures about 26 x 41”, when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 80”. Average depth is roughly 6”. If the distance around your seat is between 80 and 140”, the DS-XL is your CoolAss! Remember, most touring scooters need a CoolAss DS-XL. If your new cover is a little blousy, check out the scooter tip below!

Extra CoolAss Koozies

By popular demand for friends and fellow riders!

CoolAss KZ-CA
keeps your beverage of choice cool, too!

A CoolAss Tip for Scooters

Generally, a loose fit is better. Any extra material may be tucked in underneath the saddle for total protection and a more tailored look. In fact, most CoolAss scooter customers simply raise their seat, put CoolAss on, pull in any excess material, and then re-latch the seat into place. This quick and easy method also helps assure your CoolAss protects every inch from rain and damaging sun and ensures CoolAss will stay put. Even on the windiest days! Check out how to put on your new CoolAss.


Not sure which of the above is best for your ride? Need faster shipping or a quantity discount? No worries! Call us. We want to answer your questions on sizing or anything CoolAss! Call us at 940-497-3338. We want to hear from you!

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"Here’s a picture for you – feel free to use it as you choose. I’m a professional entertainer and usually am posing by a piano or something – NOT my Honda! Thanks for making the new larger XL. Fits Forza and Silver Wing very well."

Larry, FL

"I've once more had an opportunity to use my CoolAss. Today was "officially" our first over 100 degree day of the year. Magnificent invention, really. You guys should get some kind of Scooter Nobel Prize. Saving the denim and leather-clad bottoms of America, one rump at a time..."

SM, Las Vegas, NV

"Love my CoolAss AND my Silver Wing. The sizing is right and the darned thing works! Cool and dry, just like you said."

Eve, Golden, CO

"We just bought two new CoolAsses. The motorcycle one is for my husband. He wore his last one out. The scooter one is for me. The one I had was destroyed in a hailstorm last summer. But CoolAss saved the leather seat on my Vespa!"

PK and RK, Nederland, TX

"My scooter IS my transportation. I take care of it - it takes care of me. That's why I never go anywhere without my CoolAss. Keeps my seat cool, dry and protected, and takes up practically zero storage space. Thanks CoolAss, for making scooter covers, too!"

CP, Lake Dallas, TX

"Here in Seattle, I appreciate that my CoolAss is waterproof! As well as heat proof. Great product."

David, Seattle WA

"There is nothing worse that a sheepskin or synthetic furry cover that get’s caught in the rain. I love my skin for its comfort, but end up having to store it in a garbage bag on the back if it looks like rain. With CoolAss, problem solved! It fits right over my sheepskin. Love it."

Lynn, Raleigh, NC