Motorcycle Seat Covers

Motorcycles. The most fun one (or two) can have. That is, unless you’re jumping on an unprotected seat. You know. One that’s been in the sun for a while. Or in the rain. No fun. Not to mention uncomfortable.

Gotta get a CoolAss. For about the price of a burger and a few cold ones, you can protect your ass or perhaps more importantly, your significant other’s ass. You can stamp out swamp ass and sweaty-ass jeans. And if you have one of those big-time expensive leather saddles or a gel pad or sheepskin seat cover, you simply gotta get a CoolAss.

Fits YOUR Ride

So – which size to buy? Genuine CoolAss now comes in three sizes to fit just about any bike. It’s unconditionally guaranteed. Ships the day you order it. And comes with its own storage pouch and a free CoolAss koozie! If you're still unsure about fit, check our handy measuring for fit guide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter what, we gotcha covered. If you’re unhappy for any reason – fit or otherwise, we’ll make it right or refund. Period. No questions. That’s what you’d expect from fellow bikers, right? And that’s a CoolAss deal! We accept all major credit cards. So go ahead. Scroll down to your size and get your own Genuine CoolAss! And while you're at it, buy one for a friend!

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Dual Saddle - Medium (DS-M)

This is the CoolAss size for standard dual rider saddles and larger solo seats. Perfect for smaller Suzuki Boulevards, like the S40 and Van Van, Genuine G400C, many mid-sized Harleys including Road Glide, Street Glide and Fat Bob, BMW 1250 GS, Yamaha V-Star 250, and dozens of bikes with today’s more compact dual seats.

CoolAss DS-M on a
Genuine G400C

CoolAss DS-M on a
Harley Road Glide Special

CoolAss DS-M on a
BMW 1250 GS

CoolAss DS-M on a
Harley Street Glide Special

The CoolAss DS-M measures about 18 x 28”, when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 46”. Average depth is roughly 4”. If the distance around your seat is between 50 and 88”, the DS-M is your CoolAss!

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Dual Saddle - Large (DS-L)

Our most popular and most ordered size for motorcycles. Over 60% of worldwide CoolAss sales are for the DS-L. This is the right fit for most older Harleys, including Road King, V-Rod and Dyna. Newer Harley models including Ultra Classic, Ultra Trikes and Heritage Classic are perfect for this CoolAss size. Also, buy DS-L for CanAm F3, Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster, BMW 1600RT, Honda cruisers, including 1300 and VTX 1800, as well as nearly every Yamaha Star, Venture and Niken, and all Kawasaki Vulcans. Consider DS-L for protecting aftermarket seats from Corbin, Mustang and Saddlemen as well.

CoolAss DS-L on a
Harley Ultra Trike

CoolAss DS-L on a
Indian Chieftain

CoolAss DS-L on a
Harley Ultra Classic

CoolAss DS-L on a
Harley Heritage Classic

The CoolAss DS-L measures about 22 x 31”, when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 56”. Average depth is roughly 5”. If the distance around your seat is between 60 and 102”, the DS-L is your CoolAss!

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Dual Saddle - Extra Large (DS-XL)

Okay - you guessed it. This is the size that fits the really large dual queen and dual king saddles. Like on Honda Goldwings*, Older Harley Ultras* and Electras*, Yamaha Royal Venture and most other large v-twin cruisers. This is also the right CoolAss for CanAm Rotax, RSS, ST and RT, cruisers with driver backrests and many of the very large and deep aftermarket saddles.

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Harley UC Electra Glide

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Honda CTX 1300

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Honda Goldwing

CoolAss DS-XL on a
Spyder RS

The CoolAss DS-XL measures about 26 x 41”, when laid flat, with a drawn elastic perimeter of about 80”. Average depth is roughly 6”. If the distance around your seat is between 80 and 140”, the DS-XL is your CoolAss!

* CoolAss fits the bottom portion of saddles, not passenger backrests or very tall / large driver backrest configurations. It’s called CoolAss, not CoolBack! Seriously, if you have any questions or concerns about DS-XL for specific bikes or custom saddles, please call us at 940-497-3338.

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Extra CoolAss Koozies

By popular demand for friends and fellow riders!

CoolAss KZ-CA
keeps your beverage of choice cool, too!

A CoolAss Tip for Motorcycles

Generally, a loose fit is better. Any extra material may be tucked in underneath the saddle for total protection and a more tailored look. Tucking also helps assure your CoolAss will stay put. Even on the windiest days! Check out how to put on your new CoolAss.


Not sure which of the above is best for your ride? Need faster shipping or a quantity discount? No worries! Call us. We want to answer your questions on sizing or anything CoolAss!

Got a CoolAss Story?

Drop us a line and tell us. We love hearing 'em!

"Of course it gets hot here down under. It just happens during your cold winters! Love your DS-L CoolAss on my trike."

Mark, Melbourne

"I have a Saddlemen gel one-piece seat on my Kawasaki Vulcan Classic. We had our first really warm day here in Denver today, so I got out my brand new CoolAss and put it to the test. Had it on my bike all day while parked at work. We hit 87º without a cloud in the sky. When I came out at 5:30pm I was dreading the “hot ass ride I had ahead of me. To my amazement, the seat was as cool as if it had been parked in the shade all day! I’m so pumped that I found an item that was reasonably priced and works as advertised. Thank you, CoolAss!!"

MM, Denver, CO

"We recently purchased a CoolAss for our Harley. A couple of days ago it hit 112° here in the Palm Springs area and the Harley was parked in the sun for a few hours (with CoolAss cover on). The CoolAss cover worked great!!! It was large enough to leave my wife's helmet on the rear seat, underneath the cover as well. Both helmet and seat were cool enough to wear/sit on with absolutely no problem. Your product works just as you advertise!! Thanks for a great product!"

RP, Palm Springs, CA

"I spent good bucks for my BMW. It’s a nice bike and I wasn’t about to let it go long without covering the seat. Bought a CoolAss. Works great and costs so little."

Jordon, GA

"I called Brian about using an extra cover for my Goldwing backrest. He sent me a medium to try – and it fit! My wife thanks us both!"

TS, Spokane, WA

"Great product. Fits my rather large Royal Venture saddle nicely. But I must tell you, cool is nice, but overnight dry is better for me. Nothing worse than a wet butt in the morning combined with a "big head" hangover from the night before!"

BG, Norton, OH

"I ordered a seat cover from you guys in 2011 and love it. Where I work, my Harley sits in an open parking lot all day so, at 5pm in the Florida sun, well you know what happens. So I thank you, and my ass thanks you. Oh, and here’s a picture. Note even Spazz’s ass stays cool!"

MB, Lake City, FL