Measuring for Fit

To help assure you get the right size Genuine CoolAss, the following helpful tips are provided to assist you:

Basic Seat Measuring

A CoolAss cover, when cut and sewn, takes into account a number of factors including width of elastic, extra material for tucking under a seat and the height, depth AND contour of the seat itself.

When checking your seat size for one of our standard-sized covers, measure the overall length and width of your saddle at the widest parts. Be sure to hold your tape measure to the seat itself to help account for dips and trim. Measure from the lowest point – up and over – and to the lowest point on the opposite side.

Note that in the example above, the overall length of this seemingly small solo seat is about 27”. The width at the widest part (tape measurement not shown) is about 24”. Accounting for a little extra material for tucking – about 4” additional for length and width - an ideal CoolAss size for this seat is about 31” x 28”.

For comparison purposes, note that our DS-M is about 35” x 26”, our DS-L is 40” x 31” and our DS-XL is 50” x 36” before sewing in the elastic bands. For the above solo seat, our DS-M should be perfect.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about fit, give us a call at 940-497-3338.

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