Putting on Your New CoolAss

You're putting us on… Seriously – even though it’s easy to dress and undress your seat with CoolAss, here are a few pointers:

  • Note that your CoolAss is oblong – like most motorcycle and scooter seats. The red tag marks the back of the cover and thus goes over the rear part of your seat.
  • We recommend you put on the front of the cover first. If necessary, move it back and forth to ensure it slides beneath the tank and underneath the seat securely. Don’t worry about tearing or damage. CoolAss is strong.
  • Next, stretch CoolAss over the rear of the seat. The red tag may be exposed or hidden – that is up to you and may also depend on how snugly CoolAss fits.
  • Then stretch CoolAss over the left and right sides of the seat, tucking in material as you go. The elastic may be all that is needed to assure a secure fit, but tucking CoolAss under the seat all the way around will assure total protection from sun and rain AND keep your CoolAss in place.

Scooter Instructions

For our scooter customers, consider the following method for putting on CoolAss – developed by scooter riders around the world:

  • Raise your seat.
  • Slide your CoolAss over it, making sure the red tag is in the rear.
  • Pull in any excess material.
  • Re-latch your seat into place. Don’t worry about CoolAss getting tightly sandwiched between frame and seat. You won’t hurt it. Be sure that the latching mechanism doesn’t interfere with the cover, though.

This method of putting on your CoolAss is not only easy, but assures your seat will be completely shielded from damaging heat and rain. Even moisture from morning dew! And your CoolAss will stay firmly in place – even on the windiest days.

CoolAss In The Wild

Kawasaki - San Marcos

Kymco - Toronto

Vespa - Croatia

Harley - Dallas

Buddy - Phoenix

GTS 300 - Seattle