About CoolAss

The idea for CoolAss came to us in 2004, while watching fellow bikers put towels, helmets, jackets, and even garbage bags (yes, garbage bags!) on their seats to help keep them cool and dry. My wife, Jan, and I felt there had to be a better way. We thought something like a large, oblong, heat-reflective shower cap for a seat would work. It did. We thought it would be simple to design and manufacture. It wasn't.

It took 16 months, seven trial materials and thousands of dollars to find the perfect formula. A CoolAss that was durable, feather light, compact, water resistant, UV-protected, and on and on! After months of testing the best material and abusing it to no end, Genuine CoolAss was finally ready to go in the spring of 2006.

Exclusive Material

Now in its sixth generation, the CoolAss material itself is a layered metalized polyester made exclusively for us in southern California by an organization that’s widely known as the end-all designer of custom “films.” This incredible poly film is layered with UV protectant, has a patterned “scrim” and several clear laminates for strength and heat-resistance. It is then fused to a soft, non-woven, fabric-based backing. Huge rolls of custom CoolAss material are procured, shipped and then covers are cut to size, imprinted with the famous CoolAss logo, sewn with braided elastic, quality-checked and then packaged in special CoolAss micro-fiber pouches at our manufacturing facility in south Texas. Final warehousing and customer and dealer shipments most often originate from Dallas, Texas.

To be sure, that’s a lot for our material to go through and for our company to coordinate. But that’s what it takes to provide the best seat cover in the world to the best customers on the planet. We wouldn’t have it any other way and doubt you would either.

Proven Results

  • Keeps saddles cooler. An unprotected seat can reach temperatures over 150º. With CoolAss on, seats rarely get warmer than what an outdoor thermometer would read.
  • Keeps saddles dry. Yes, CoolAss is indeed water-proof, although we say it is water-resistant. This is because the metalized polyester side is water-proof, but the fabric backing can and does absorb water. Under normal conditions, the backing will not be exposed to rain, dew or moisture.
  • Protects saddles from fading and cracking with exposure to the elements over time.
  • Minimizes the need to treat saddles with leather or vinyl conditioners, and helps protect from damaging salt spray near oceans and salt lakes. CoolAss is a very inexpensive way to stay protected. New seats run $600 and up... way up!
  • Compact. Stores in minimal space. About the size of a soda or spray paint can.
  • Drawstring micro-fiber storage pouch doubles as a glasses cleaner or protective bag for sunglasses.

Thanks for visiting with us. We hope to earn your business.

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